The Media Manufactory

We always provide the right music - hand-picked, tailor-made for your needs and put together individually!

No matter what business purpose you need audio or video for, we are always exactly right for you!

Retailers, chain store managers, hotel operators or fitness studio operators, sound and film producers or even sport instructors – our three divisions cover every segment of business for each of your musical needs.

The professional sound and video system for all areas of application: To achieve your business purpose, create the right emotion in your target group at any time and in any place. Support your activities with the right sound or exceptional moving images.

Our editors provide you exclusively with individually curated playlists and schedules to ensure the perfect music and video mix, on request also with specially produced voice recordings.

Some of the many cherries on the cake at sonicsense: We offer you comprehensive collecting society consultation, which can save you a lot of money, and also include the administration of your entire collecting society reporting up to the full assumption of costs. Or you simply choose music from our numerous royalty-free music channels.

One of the largest archives with exactly tailored production music for the evocative acoustic backdrop to your production. After all, the sound has to be right to effectively target your customers! Our enormous selection of international production music always strikes the right chord. 

The range covers pop, rock and classical right through to world music, of course offering a variety of lengths. You don’t have to pay any master royalties at all, and there are no sync licence fees for film or advertising! 

Select, download, use and register with your collecting society – that’s all there is to it! For all other usage types, feel free to contact us at any time!

As the pioneer of professionally produced music mixes optimally adapted to the requirements of the fitness, wellness and physio industry, tunes4sports has been providing the right sound and the ideal atmosphere since 1992. A number of instructional video productions for instructors complete the range of services. Our productions are available on CD/DVD or for direct download.

Our customers will find the right production for every application, such as the "Senior Concept" series, considered to be the most successful in this segment, which is designed especially for the more discerning 40+ clientele.

Our prices are arguably the most affordable in the market, despite our use of original songs by original artists.

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