About Us

It was in 1987 that Audio Factory first saw the light of this world. No ambitious project daunted us, no challenge in the music business was swept aside. So over the years, we have created numerous music labels, hundreds of music productions for advertising, film and TV, as well as leading-edge recorded music distribution, our own film production, and a large music publishing house.

Just after the turn of this century, we were faced with the decision to heed the advice of management consultants and banks to expand dramatically. Instead, we opted for a team-oriented, more human “Reduce to the max” change in course. Maintaining close contact with each other and our customers weighed in higher than maximum profits. This proved to be a good decision, as soon became apparent.

Today, with its concentrated, digital and highly professional segments of special distribution, media services and music licencing, Audio Factory Media is stronger than ever on the market in B2B business, with branches in Vienna, Moscow and Hong Kong.