Audio Factory Media GmbH
Borselstr. 18
22765 Hamburg

e-mail: contact[at]audiofactory[dot]de
Tel. +49-40-557006-0
Fax +49-40-557006-70

Managing partners:
Martina Hofmann, Michel Sturiale

Founded 1987 in Hamburg
Member of the Chamber Of Commerce Hamburg, HRB 40820
Sales tax identification number: DE 118599216
Tax ID: 41 / 704 / 04101

Locations in Hamburg, Vienna, Moscow and Hong Kong.

The European Commission provides a platform for out-of-court online dispute resolution (OS platform) which can be accessed at We participate in the dispute resolution procedure. A list with the contact details of the recognised dispute resolution bodies can be found at

Audio Factory Media GmbH has been a member of the following institutions for many years:

  • I.F.P.I., International Federation of the Phonographic Industry
  • DMV (German Music Publishers Association)
  • GEMA, Society for musical performance and mechanical reproduction rights with connection to partner companies worldwide
  • VUT (Association of independent recording companies)
  • GVL (Society for ancillary copyrights)
  • EAN UCC International, The Global Language Of Business


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